Hello! I am crowdfunding… but right here, on my own website!

You can now pre-order my new album, Heirlooms &Hearsay, which
is set for release on 05.05.2017. In addition to a signed CD or 12” vinyl,
you can book me for a living room show and get exclusive extras such
as test pressings, unique artwork posters and VIP tickets

Thank you in advance!

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Roxanne de Bastion reminds us that great lyrics do have a place in pop music. With a nod to 1960’s psychedelia, Roxanne delivers thoughtful social and personal commentary soaked in piano & cello arrangements.

One of the most perfect voices I’ve ever heard”
(Tom Whalley, BBC6)

“Standout number…astonishingly assured”
The Sunday Times)

“If you ever get a chance to see her live – definitely do!”
(BBC Introducing)

Born in Berlin to a musical, bilingual family, she started composing and performing at the age of 15. Soon after, Roxanne moved to London, equipped with her guitar, her songs and a one-way ticket.
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Tales from the Rails

Tales From the Rails – the dark, the light and eight below zero

I’m hiding out in a vegan cafe in Wiesbaden. After a rather harsh 6am start this morning and a five hour train journey, it was still morning when I arrived at tonight’s venue: left activist space, the Info Club. The space looks lovely. There’s a large banner above the bar that reads “no human is …