Celebrate my single launch with me – from your living room!

Stage It
On Monday, October 14th I’m releasing the title track to my debut album, “The Real Thing” along with my acoustic cover of “Hey Ya!” as a virtual B-side. I’d love to celebrate with you, but I’m on tour! In fact, right now I’m off to Ireland to play my first ever shows in Cork… but what’s stopping us from celebrating? Nothing!!

On WEDNESDAY, the 16th of October I’ll gather with some friends in Ireland with a Guinness or two and stream a live show just for you! You can watch from your living room (or wherever else you may be providing there’s internet!), ask questions, comment and request songs. It’s ‘pay what you want / can’, but tickets are limited, so get yours now!


I’ll be in Cork, you’ll be in London, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam or maybe even Hong Kong.. how cool is that? Hurray for the internet!

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