Tales from the Rails – a home away from home and the North-Germany way


It’s day four and this is the first train journey of the Germany Tour. I’m on my way from Bordesholm to Bückeburg, via Hamburg and Hannover, a fine zig-zag through the fatherland. Last night I got to perform at the Savoy Kino, which is an old 1940’s cinema that was rescued by the local community when financing ran out about 20 years ago. It now boasts a rich program of music, theater and comedy and is one of the most beautiful venues I’ve had the pleasure of performing in.

You could have heard that proverbial pin drop in the theatre, the audience was so quiet. “Das ist die Nord-Deutsche Art!” (“This is the North-German way!”), replied one solitude voice from the dark sea of rows with tables and faint orange table lights. It turns out though that the North German way is not at all just that, but warm, funny as well as being incredibly appreciative. I had such a great time at the Savoy Kino and look forward to revisiting sometime soon. The hotel could not have been more 1970’s German – austere wooden single bed frames and faint, lime-green curtains with white petticoat-style netting… very hipster if you’re so inclined. I always feel like a bit of an alien shlepping my guitar and suitcase through these German towns that are worlds apart from my home town number one, Berlin. You know, kind of like Sting, only without the weird wooly jumpers.

So moving backwards in time (as you do), I’d like to thank Suse, the lovely host of the living room gig the night before in Kiel. That entire evening went by so fast, can’t believe I played about 2 ½ hours for you! Thanks for being so lovely and for looking after me so well.

One step further back brings me to Hamburg, which is slowly but surely becoming another home from home. It really did seem like only yesterday that I got to perform at the Reeperbahn Festival (I can sort of still feel the hang-over..). The show at “Freundlich und Kompetent” (which literally means “friendly and competent” – no beating around the bush in the German language) felt like home. So wonderful to see all my Hamburg friends, I feel so lucky to have you all as part of my tour-family! Thank you so much for your continued support and I looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

F&K Hamburg

So now it’s nearly time for my last change from the ICE to a regional train. Let’s see what Bückeburg has in store! Tonight I’m driving back to Berlin with my favourite road-trip partner (Dad!), so I get to wake up in Berlin tomorrow after show number four.

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