Tales from the Rails – new toys and old traditions

I’m back in Berlin with a couple of days to rest and catch up on emails before I move on for a week’s worth of shows in Italy. The last show of adventure part one was a living room gig in Kiel at the lovely Beekeeper’s daughter (aka Gabi). The day began where we left off the night before – back at the “Waldwunder” festival site for breakfast in the blazing sunshine with the organisers and some of the artists. After a buffet of home-made honey and an assortment of German cheeses and hams, we started an impromptu jam session. Cindi Peress (an American singer wongwriter residing in Amsterdam) and I hit it off and she let me use her super cool toy, which allows you to harmonise with yourself. It must be the same gadget Imogen Heap uses in this painfully beautiful song. So, I know what I want for my Birthday now!

A lazy day of chat, coffee and cake (a very German tradition) was followed by a wonderfully laid back show in a packed living room. Seat reservations were made with a towel – we are in Germany after all!

lving room

It seemed to be the day of impromptu music making, as I was joined by Ernie on harmonica for Bob Dylan’s ‘it’s all over now, baby blue’ at the end of the set. Wherever you are in the world, people always sing along to Bob Dylan. I’ve just read a book on songwriting, in which there was a quote that compared songwriting to fishing, which concluded that: “No one up stream from Bob Dylan has ever caught anything” – word.

Here’s a thank you to the wonderful host and to all who came to support. The following day I took a rather crowded bus back to Berlin. Here’s to more adventures and to all the new friends I’ve made. See you again soon!

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