RERUN is out now!

Yesterday was a really special day. I’m sitting in a cafe, just around the corner from the Old Queen’s Head, where we celebrated the launch of RERUN last night. This was one of my favourite London shows to date. I’m so touched by all the support and love around me and would like to thank you for all coming out, for lending me tuners and guitar straps, for all the hugs and smiles and lovely words, for coming to see me play for the umpteenth time (Chris, Alicja, Nick, Paul, Genia, Cecillie and the other Chris, I’m looking at you!!) and to those who came out to see me play for the first time!
RERUN single launch

A special thank you to Raphael Knapp (the ‘K’ is silent, you know!) and Andy Bruce for joining me on stage, to the wonderful Minnie Birch and Pat Dam Smyth for performing (Pat, even with a cold, you sound better than most!). to all the staff at the Old Queen’s Head for being so very helpful and to all my very talented musician friends who came along to support me.

WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! We had cake, champagne and that’s just how we roll… there were no red boots, but I hope you forgive me for that! Thanks to Darren Hodder for capturing a few moments:

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RERUN is all grown up now, it’s out in the owrld and I no longer have control over it. You can find it on Spotify (it’s been added to this week’s SPOTIFY NEW MUSIC MONDAY UK playlist, which is SUPER exciting!), watch the music video on YOUTUBE, buy the track off itunes, or get the physical EP from my website!

The world is full of love, music and good natured people who want to help… don’t let anybody tell you anything different!

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